zondag 9 januari 2011

5 Things in my room I love..

yoyoPicnik collage2Picnik collageyoyoPicnik collagefPicnik collagehoi
All the numbers are in random order!

1. These pictures are of my family and I, they were taken when we were young. I'm planning to buy frames one day.

2. I bought this shirt at a concert of Ne yo. I love his music, yeah. I went with my mom and sister <3

3. What cannot be missing are my rings, of course. They are all pretty :). (I'm deeply in love with every single one of them haha.)

4. Once I went to Disneyland in Paris with my girls. We went at this attraction called The Big Thunder Mining. Haha it's not a very nice picture, but when I look at it I remember the fun we had in Paris.

5. This is a small part of my wardrobe, well what can I say about it, passion for fashion.

xoxo Marjolein

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